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Three Strangers

After convincing two strangers, Jerome Arbutny (Sydney Greenstreet) and John West (Peter Lorre), to come to her apartment, Crystal Shackelford (Geraldine Fitzgerald) explains that at the stroke of midnight her statue of the goddess Kwan Yin will open its eyes, look into the souls of three strangers and grant their deepest wishes. The trio jointly invests in a sweepstake ticket, then separate, only to have their true natures demolish the possibility that Kwan Yin will fulfill their dreams.

Release Date

January 28, 1946

Running Time

92 minutes


Sydney Greenstreet

Sydney Greenstreet

Geraldine Fitzgerald

Geraldine Fitzgerald

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre


Director Jean Negulesco

Screenplay John Huston, Howard Koch

Producer Wolfgang Reinhardt

Cinematography Arthur Edeson

Editing George Amy

Music Adolph Deutsch

Distributor Warner Bros.

Film Noir Confidential