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The Unsuspected

A woman is found dead in what seems to be a suicide at the estate of radio host Victor Grandison (Claude Rains). Grandison, who reads chilling murder mysteries on the radio, is at first suspected of murder but is quickly able to clear his name with the police. Then mysterious Steven Francis Howard (Michael North) arrives, claiming to be the husband of Grandison's niece -- who was thought dead in a shipwreck. Howard begins looking into the suicide and soon brings to light new evidence.

Release Date

October 3, 1947

Running Time

103 minutes


Joan Caulfield

Claude Rains

Claude Rains

Audrey Totter

Audrey Totter

Constance Bennett

Constance Bennett

Hurd Hatfield

Hurd Hatfield


Director Michael Curtiz

Screenplay Ranald MacDougall, Bess Meredyth

Producer Michael Curtiz, Charles Hoffman

Cinematography Woody Bredell

Editing Fredrick Richards

Music Franz Waxman

Distributor Warner Bros.

Film Noir Confidential