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The Lost Weekend

Writer Don Birnam (Ray Milland) is on the wagon. Sober for only a few days, Don is supposed to be spending the weekend with his brother, Wick (Phillip Terry), but, eager for a drink, Don convinces his girlfriend (Jane Wyman) to take Wick to a show. Don, meanwhile, heads to his local bar and misses the train out of town. After recounting to the bartender (Howard da Silva) how he developed a drinking problem, Don goes on a weekend-long bender that just might prove to be his last.

Release Date

November 29, 1945

Running Time

101 minutes

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Ray Milland

Ray Milland

Jane Wyman

Jane Wyman


Director Billy Wilder

Screenplay Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder

Producer Charles Brackett

Cinematography John F. Seitz

Editing Doane Harrison

Music Miklós Rózsa

Distributor Paramount Pictures

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