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The Lady From Shanghai

A seaman becomes involved in a complex murder plot when he is hired to work on a yacht. He soon finds himself implicated in the murder, despite his innocence. The film is best remembered for it's climax "hall of mirrors" scene with a shoot out amidst shards of shattering glass.

Release Date

April 14, 1948

Running Time

88 minutes

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Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth

Orson Welles

Orson Welles

Everett Sloane

Everett Sloane


Director Orson Welles

Screenplay Orson Welles, William Castle (uncredited), Charles Lederer (uncredited), Fletcher Markle (uncredited)

Producer Orson Welles

Cinematography Charles Lawton Jr., Rudolph Maté (uncredited), Joseph Walker, (uncredited)

Editing Viola Lawrence

Music Heinz Roemheld

Distributor Columbia Pictures

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