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The Dark Corner

When Bradford Galt (Mark Stevens), a tough private investigator, realizes that he's being followed, he confronts his assailant, a shifty fellow named Fred Foss (William Bendix). Galt's encounter with Foss leads to a web of intrigue involving prosperous art collector Hardy Cathcart (Clifton Webb) and his young wife, Mari (Cathy Downs). Soon Galt is in over his head -- but luckily for him, his tenacious secretary, Kathleen Stewart (Lucille Ball), is on hand to help him out.

Release Date

May 8, 1946

Running Time

99 minutes

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Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball

Clifton Webb

Clifton Webb

William Bendix

William Bendix

Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens


Director Henry Hathaway

Screenplay Jay Dratler, Bernard C. Schoenfeld

Producer Fred Kohlmar

Cinematography Joseph MacDonald

Editing J. Watson Webb Jr.

Music Cyril J. Mockridge

Distributor 20th Century Fox

Film Noir Confidential