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The Bribe

Federal agent Rigby (Robert Taylor) travels to a Central American island to investigate stolen war surplus. Suspicion falls on veteran Tugwell Hintten (John Hodiak) and his alluring singer wife, Elizabeth (Ava Gardner). But Rigby's situation gets more complicated when he starts an affair with Elizabeth. The brains of the scam -- J.J. Bealer (Charles Laughton) and Carwood (Vincent Price) -- offer the lawman a bribe. When he refuses it, both lovers' lives are jeopardized.

Release Date

February 3, 1949

Running Time

98 minutes


Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner

Charles Laughton

Charles Laughton


Director Robert Z. Leonard

Screenplay Marguerite Roberts

Producer Pandro S. Berman

Cinematography Joseph Ruttenberg

Editing Gene Ruggiero

Music Miklós Rózsa

Distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Film Noir Confidential