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Shadow On The Wall

When enraged businessman David Starrling (Zachary Scott) confronts his cheating wife, Celia (Kristine Miller), he is rendered unconscious by a mysterious figure and wakes up to find Celia murdered. David and Celia's young daughter, Susan (Gigi Perreau), witnessed her mother's death but saw only a shadow and is unaware that the killer is Dell (Ann Sothern), Celia's scorned sister. Dell -- terrified of discovery -- must now find a way to do away with her own niece before she learns the truth.

Release Date

May 19, 1950

Running Time

84 minutes


Ann Sothern

Ann Sothern

Zachary Scott

Zachary Scott

Gigi Perreau

Gigi Perreau


Director Pat Jackson

Screenplay William Ludwig

Producer Robert Sisk

Cinematography Ray June

Editing Cotton Warburton

Music André Previn

Distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Film Noir Confidential