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Ride The Pink Horse

Certain that crime boss Frank Hugo (Fred Clark) has offed a pal of his, Lucky Gagin (Robert Montgomery) tails the gangster to a little New Mexico town. Gagin is seeking hush money, and, if he doesn't get it he'll resort to other means of getting even with Hugo. As FBI investigator Bill Retz (Art Smith) trails both men, Hugo moves to rid the world of Gagin. But in the midst of this macho maelstrom, a savvy local girl (Wanda Hendrix) emerges as a potential heroine.

Release Date

October 8, 1947

Running Time

101 minutes

Rotten Tomatoes



Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery


Director Robert Montgomery

Screenplay Ben Hecht, Charles Lederer

Producer Joan Harrison

Cinematography Russell Metty

Editing Ralph Dawson

Music Frank Skinner

Distributor Universal Pictures

Film Noir Confidential