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Phantom Lady

Scott Henderson's (Alan Curtis) innocuous evening with a strange woman becomes crucial when he is later accused of murdering his wife on the same evening. When Scott's story is disbelieved and a trial fails to bring forth the "phantom lady," Scott's devoted girl Friday, secretary Carol Richman (Ella Raines), begins her own investigation with the aid of police inspector Burgess (Thomas Gomez). A high point is Carol's unexpected kinky moment with an obsessed jazz drummer (Elisha Cook Jr.).

Release Date

January 28, 1944

Running Time

87 minutes

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Franchot Tone

Franchot Tone

Ella Raines

Ella Raines

Alan Curtis

Alan Curtis


Director Robert Siodmak

Screenplay Bernard C. Schoenfeld

Producer Joan Harrison

Cinematography Woody Bredell

Editing Arthur Hilton

Music Hans J. Salter

Distributor Universal Pictures

Film Noir Confidential