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Panic In The Streets

After Dr. Clint Reed (Richard Widmark) is called in to supervise an autopsy of a unknown man, he discovers that the John Doe died of pneumonic plague. Revealing his discovery to the mayor and city officials, Reed is informed that he has 48 hours before the public will be told about a potential outbreak. Joined by Captain Tom Warren (Paul Douglas) and his wife, Nancy (Barbara Bel Geddes), Reed must race against time to find out where the unknown man came from.

Release Date

Jan 20, 1950

Running Time

87 minutes

Rotten Tomatoes



Richard Widmark

Paul Douglas

Barbara Bel Geddes

Jack Palance


Director Elia Kazan

Screenplay Richard Murphy, Daniel Fuchs

Producer Sol C. Siegel

Cinematography Joseph MacDonald

Editing Harmon Jones

Music Alfred Newman

Distributor 20th Century Fox

Film Noir Confidential