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Out Of The Past

The quiet life of small-town gas station owner Jeff Bailey (Robert Mitchum) is interrupted when a figure from his shady past, small-time crook Joe Stephanos (Paul Valentine), recognizes him. Stephanos' boss, crooked gambler Whit Sterling (Kirk Douglas), had hired Jeff to track down Kathie Moffat (Jane Greer), a girlfriend who shot Whit and made off with $40,000 of his. Jeff and Kathie fell in love, but she left him to go back to Sterling, who now wants Jeff to settle a few old scores.

Release Date

November 25, 1947

Running Time

97 minutes

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Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum

Jane Greer

Jane Greer

Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas


Director Jacques Tourneur

Screenplay Daniel Mainwaring

Producer Warren Duff

Cinematography Nicholas Musuraca

Editing Samuel E. Beetley

Music Roy Webb

Distributor RKO Radio Pictures

Film Noir Confidential