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Nobody Lives Forever

Nick Blake (John Garfield) is a former con man who has just returned to the United States after fighting in World War II. While he wants to give up the con game and go legit, he's convinced into working one last scheme with fellow con men Pop Gruber (Walter Brennan) and Doc Ganson (George Coulouris). The two want Nick to use his skills to cheat the rich widow Gladys Halvorsen (Geraldine Fitzgerald) out of her fortune. But the plan backfires when Nick falls in love with Gladys.

Release Date

October 12, 1946

Running Time

100 minutes


John Garfield

John Garfield

Geraldine Fitzgerald

Geraldine Fitzgerald


Director Jean Negulesco

Screenplay W. R. Burnett

Producer Robert Buckner

Cinematography Arthur Edeson

Editing Rudi Fehr

Music Adolph Deutsch

Distributor Warner Bros.

Film Noir Confidential