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Nightmare Alley

Roustabout Stanton Carlisle (Tyrone Power) joins a traveling carny and unsuccessfully schemes to figure out the mind-reading act of Mademoiselle Zeena (Joan Blondell) and her alcoholic husband, Pete (Ian Keith). But when Pete dies, Zeena is forced to take on Stanton as a partner, and he quickly proves more gifted than his predecessor. Ambitious to a fault, Carlisle abandons Zeena and the carny to reinvent himself as "The Great Stanton," wowing high-class audiences in a Chicago hotel.

Release Date

Oct 9, 1947

Running Time

111 minutes

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Tyrone Power

Tyrone Power


Director Edmund Goulding

Screenplay Jules Furthman

Producer George Jessel

Cinematography Lee Garmes

Editing Barbara McLean

Music Cyril J. Mockridge

Distributor 20th Century Fox

Film Noir Confidential