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Rose Loomis (Marilyn Monroe) and her older, gloomier husband, George (Joseph Cotten), are vacationing at a cabin in Niagara Falls, N.Y. The couple befriend Polly (Jean Peters) and Ray Cutler (Casey Adams), who are honeymooning in the area. Polly begins to suspect that something is amiss between Rose and George, and her suspicions grow when she sees Rose in the arms of another man. While Ray initially thinks Polly is overreacting, things between George and Rose soon take a shockingly dark turn.

Release Date

January 21, 1953 (United States)

Running Time

88 minutes

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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Joseph Cotten

Joseph Cotten

Jean Peters

Jean Peters

Max Showalter

Max Showalter


Director Henry Hathaway

Screenplay Charles Brackett, Richard L. Breen, Walter Reisch

Producer Charles Brackett

Cinematography Joseph MacDonald

Editing Barbara McLean

Music Sol Kaplan

Distributor 20th Century Fox

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