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Ministry Of Fear

Fresh from a two-year stint in a mental institution for the alleged "mercy killing" of his ailing wife, Stephen Neale (Ray Milland) visits a carnival where he wins a cake by guessing its weight. The cake, however, contains a microfilm sought after by Nazi spies, and Stephen soon finds himself a target. On the run and unsure of whom to trust, he enlists the help of a private detective (Erskine Sanford), a beautiful woman (Marjorie Reynolds) and an inspector from Scotland Yard (Percy Waram).

Release Date

December 31, 1944

Running Time

87 minutes

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Ray Milland

Ray Milland

Marjorie Reynolds

Marjorie Reynolds


Director Fritz Lang

Screenplay Seton I. Miller

Producer Buddy G. DeSylva

Cinematography Henry Sharp

Editing Archie Marshek

Music Victor Young

Distributor Paramount Pictures

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