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Man In The Dark

Unlucky Steve (Edmond O'Brien), a convicted felon, is released from prison after undergoing an experimental procedure that erases from his brain all criminal impulses -- the side effect being permanent memory loss. Using beautiful blonde Peg (Audrey Totter) as bait, Steve's old cronies -- Lefty (Ted de Corsia), Arnie (Horace McMahon) and Cookie (Nick Dennis) -- kidnap the amnesiac ex-con to try and locate the money Steve hid prior to his incarceration.

Release Date

April 9, 1953

Running Time

70 minutes


Edmond O'Brien

Edmond O'Brien

Audrey Totter

Audrey Totter

Ted de Corsia

Ted de Corsia


Director Lew Landers

Screenplay George Bricker, Jack Leonard, Adaptation: William Sackheim

Producer Wallace MacDonald

Cinematography Floyd Crosby

Editing Viola Lawrence

Distributor Columbia Pictures

Film Noir Confidential