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Johnny Allegro Theatrical Movie Poster

Johnny Allegro

Johnny Allegro (George Raft) trades in his life as a mobster to become an undercover agent for the government. His assignment is to investigate the mysterious Glenda Chapman (Nina Foch). After gaining her confidence by pretending to kill a police officer, Johnny persuades her to let him follow her to an island hideaway. Once there, Johnny discovers that her associate -- a counterfeiter named Morgan Vallin (George Macready) -- is about to inundate the States with a massive flow of fake cash.

Release Date

May 26, 1949

Running Time

81 minutes


George Raft

George Raft

Nina Foch

Nina Foch

George Macready

George Macready


Director Ted Tetzlaff

Screenplay Guy Endore, Karen DeWolf

Producer Irving Starr

Cinematography Joseph F. Biroc

Editing Jerome Thoms

Music George Duning

Distributor Columbia Pictures

Film Noir Confidential