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High Wall

Steven Kenet (Robert Taylor) has been blacking out, which is particularly problematic because he has been convicted of a crime he thinks he did not commit -- murdering his wife. Afraid that brain surgery will allow his accusers to decree him insane, Kenet instead is sent to a mental hospital. At the hospital, Dr. Ann Lorrison (Audrey Totter) falls for Kenet. But after initially believing his story, she starts to doubt whether her patient, the man she loves, is innocent after all.

Release Date

December 17, 1947

Running Time

100 minutes


Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Audrey Totter

Audrey Totter

Herbert Marshall

Herbert Marshall


Director Curtis Bernhardt

Screenplay Sydney Boehm, Lester Cole

Producer Robert Lord

Cinematography Paul Vogel

Editing Conrad A. Nervig

Music Bronislau Kaper

Distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

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