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Flamingo Road

Dancer Lane Bellamy (Joan Crawford) tours with a carnival, but is deserted in Boldon City when they flee to avoid their debts. Deputy Fielding Carlisle (Zachary Scott) arrives and, secretly smitten with her, helps Lane find employment as a waitress. However, scheming Sheriff Titus Semple's (Sydney Greenstreet) ambitious plans for Fielding to become a rep in the state legislature do not include his dating an itinerant woman, so he runs her out of town. Lane seeks revenge, but at what cost?

Release Date

May 6, 1949

Running Time

94 minutes

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Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford

Zachary Scott

Zachary Scott

Sydney Greenstreet

Sydney Greenstreet

David Brian

David Brian


Director Michael Curtiz

Screenplay Robert Wilder

Producer Jerry Wald

Cinematography Ted D. McCord

Editing Folmar Blangsted

Music Max Steiner

Distributor Warner Bros.

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