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Dead Reckoning

War heroes Rip Murdock (Humphrey Bogart) and Johnny Drake (William Prince) are sent to Washington, D.C., by train, but are not told why. During the trip, they learn they're about to receive top honors for their service. Johnny, seemingly terrified by the publicity that awaits him, jumps off the train and later turns up dead. Suspecting foul play, Rip begins digging into his pal's past. He encounters cover-ups, threats to his own life and deadly femme fatale Coral Chandler (Lizabeth Scott).

Release Date

Jan 15, 1947

Running Time

101 minutes

Rotten Tomatoes



Humphrey Bogart

Lizabeth Scott


Director John Cromwell

Screenplay Steve Fisher, Oliver H.P. Garrett

Producer Sidney Biddell

Cinematography Leo Tover

Editing Gene Havlick

Music Marlin Skiles

Distributor Columbia Pictures

Film Noir Confidential