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Danger Signal

After robbing and murdering his married lover and then making her death look like suicide, conniving philanderer Ronnie Mason (Zachary Scott) relocates to Los Angeles. Under a new identity and claiming to be a writer, Ronnie finds lodging at the home of Hilda Fenchurch (Faye Emerson) and her mother. He woos Hilda, knowing she has money, but when he discovers that Hilda's sister, Anne (Mona Freeman), has just inherited $25,000, he switches his attentions to her.

Release Date

November 14, 1945

Running Time

78 minutes


Faye Emerson

Faye Emerson

Zachary Scott

Zachary Scott


Director Robert Florey

Screenplay C. Graham Baker, Adele Comandini

Producer William Jacobs

Cinematography James Wong Howe

Editing Frank Magee

Music Adolph Deutsch

Distributor Warner Bros.

Film Noir Confidential