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Crime Of Passion

When newspaper columnist Kathy Ferguson (Barbara Stanwyck) meets cop Bill Doyle (Sterling Hayden), the two quickly hit it off and get married. Kathy gives up her career and heads to Los Angeles with Bill to settle down. The homemaker lifestyle doesn't suit Kathy, however, and she becomes bored with her life and resentful toward Bill because he doesn't share her drive for success. She then secretly decides to make major moves to further Bill's career -- even if it means murdering his rivals.

Release Date

January 9, 1957

Running Time

86 minutes

Rotten Tomatoes



Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck

Sterling Hayden

Sterling Hayden

Raymond Burr

Raymond Burr


Director Gerd Oswald

Screenplay Jo Eisinger

Producer Herman Cohen

Cinematography Joseph LaShelle

Editing Harry Gerstad

Music Paul Dunlap

Distributor United Artists

Film Noir Confidential