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During World War II, Laurence Gerard (Dick Powell) of the Royal Canadian Air Force was taken captive by the enemy, but now that the fighting is over he has begun a quest for vengeance. Laurence's wife was murdered while he was a hostage, and his desire to right this wrong takes him from Europe to South America. The supposed killer is a Nazi sympathizer named Jarnac (Luther Adler), but word has it that he is dead. Laurence, however, believes his target is alive and hiding out in Argentina.

Release Date

December 25, 1945

Running Time

102 minutes


Dick Powell

Dick Powell

Walter Slezak

Walter Slezak


Director Edward Dmytryk

Screenplay John Paxton, Ben Hecht

Producer Adrian Scott

Cinematography Harry J. Wild

Editing Joseph Noriega

Music Roy Webb, Paul Sawtell

Distributor RKO Radio Pictures

Film Noir Confidential