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Engineer Richard Mason (Humphrey Bogart) is unhappily married to his hectoring wife, Kathryn (Rose Hobart), and makes no secret that he loves her younger sister, Evelyn (Alexis Smith). Driving home from their anniversary party, Mason crashes the car when the reflection of Evelyn in the rearview mirror distracts him. To convalesce, he plans a trip to the mountains and sends Kathryn ahead. Kathryn dies on the way, but Mason begins to see signs that she is alive.

Release Date

June 15, 1945

Running Time

86 minutes


Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart

Alexis Smith

Alexis Smith

Sydney Greenstreet

Sydney Greenstreet


Director Curtis Bernhardt

Screenplay Arthur T. Horman, Dwight Taylor

Producer William Jacobs

Cinematography Merritt B. Gerstad

Editing David Weisbart

Music Frederick Hollander

Distributor Warner Bros.

Film Noir Confidential