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Scrappy Michael "Midge" Kelly (Kirk Douglas), on the run from a shotgun marriage and needing to help support his handicapped brother, Connie (Arthur Kennedy), angles his way into a short-term job as a boxer. His life of hard knocks has given Midge a fiery temper and a will to win that quickly makes him one of the most popular fighters on the circuit. But when he gets instructed to take a dive in a championship bout, his bosses learn that no one tells Midge Kelly what to do.

Release Date

May 20, 1949

Running Time

99 minutes

Rotten Tomatoes



Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas

Marilyn Maxwell

Marilyn Maxwell

Arthur Kennedy

Arthur Kennedy


Director Mark Robson

Screenplay Carl Foreman

Producer Stanley Kramer

Cinematography Franz Planer

Editing Harry W. Gerstad

Music Dimitri Tiomkin

Distributor United Artists

Film Noir Confidential