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Autumn Leaves

After lonely, middle-aged woman Millicent Weatherby (Joan Crawford) meets the vibrant and young Burt Hanson (Cliff Robertson) at a restaurant, they go out on a date. Although Millicent is wary of their age difference, she eventually marries him. Soon she is shocked to encounter Virginia (Vera Miles), Burt's ex-wife. Virginia claims that Burt is mentally unstable, which is later backed by Burt's father (Lorne Greene). Confused and scared, Millicent tries to learn the truth about her new husband.

Release Date

August 16, 1956

Running Time

106 minutes

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Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford


Director Robert Aldrich

Screenplay Jean Rouverol, Lews Mrltzer, Robert Blees

Producer William Goetz

Cinematography Charles Lang

Editing Michael Luciano

Music Hans J. Salter

Distributor Columbia Pictures

Film Noir Confidential