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Armored Car Robbery

While executing an armored car heist in Los Angeles, icy crook Dave Purvis (William Talman) shoots policeman Lt. Phillips (James Flavin) before he and his cronies make off with the loot. Thinking he got away scot-free, Purvis collects his money-crazy mistress, Yvonne (Adele Jergens), then disposes of his partners and heads out of town. What Purvis doesn't know is that Phillips' partner, tough-as-nails Lt. Cordell (Charles McGraw), is wise to the criminal's plans and is closing in on his prey.

Release Date

June 7, 1950

Running Time

67 minutes

Rotten Tomatoes



Charles McGraw

Charles McGraw

Adele Jergens

Adele Jergens

William Talman

William Talman


Director Richard Fleischer

Screenplay Gerald Drayson Adams, Earl Felton

Producer Herman Schlom

Cinematography Guy Roe

Editing Desmond Marquette

Music Roy Webb, Paul Sawtell

Distributor RKO Radio Pictures

Film Noir Confidential