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Ace In The Hole

With flaws that outweigh his talent, reporter Chuck Tatum (Kirk Douglas) has bounced across the country from job to job. Winding up in New Mexico, Tatum gets work from the local newspaper, but finds that there's not much in the way of pressing news. However, when Tatum catches wind of a treasure hunter (Richard Benedict) trapped in a mineshaft, he turns the story into a media sensation. Soon Tatum is using unscrupulous tactics to draw out the situation, an approach that comes back to haunt him.

Release Date

June 14, 1951

Running Time

111 minutes

Rotten Tomatoes



Kirk Douglas


Director Billy Wilder

Screenplay Walter Newman, Lesser Samuels, Billy Wilder

Producer Billy Wilder

Cinematography Charles Lang

Editing Arthur P. Schmidt

Music Hugo Friedhofer

Distributor Paramount Pictures

Film Noir Confidential