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5 Against The House

When college buddies Ronnie (Kerwin Mathews) and Roy (Alvy Moore) are briefly detained by the Reno police in association with a casino robbery, Ronnie becomes obsessed with figuring out how to plan the perfect heist. At first it is a strictly intellectual exercise, but when the emotionally disturbed Korean War vet Brick (Brian Keith) gets involved, the friends -- including straitlaced Al (Guy Madison) and his nightclub-singer girlfriend, Kaye (Kim Novak) -- have to pull the job for real.

Release Date

June 10, 1955

Running Time

83 minutes


Guy Madison

Guy Madison

Kim Novak

Kim Novak

Brian Keith

Brian Keith


Director Phil Karlson

Screenplay Stirling Silliphant, William Bowers, John Barnwell, Frank Tashlin (uncredited)

Producer Stirling Silliphant, John Barnwell

Cinematography Lester White

Editing Jerome Thoms

Music George Duning

Distributor Columbia Pictures

Film Noir Confidential